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Designers touch and shape every single part of your day; they are a constant presence in your life. Your smart phone, glasses, activity tracker—someone made them, worrying over the details that turned those things into indispensable companions. From the x-height of the type on your car’s in-dash display to the lumbar support of your new desk chair to that sacred moment every evening when you finally jettison your Flyknits, pretty much every experience has been lovingly crafted—one might even say engineered—by designers.


In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a designer. Every day, powerful new tools and technologies put new opportunities at our fingertips. The designer’s toolkit is ever-expanding, and contemporary advances in manufacturing, prototyping, and production have enabled nothing less than a modern renaissance in all forms of design, from industrial to graphic. Design is inextricably linked to innovation. The founders of this magazine understood this essential truth.


You can see that manifest itself this month, across just about everything we do.

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