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Euphony The Music & Tech Issue No. XXXVIII
The music of the time propagates new associations and cultural leagues, new ways of thinking. Music reflects the zeitgeist of a generation influencing all other creative art forms that are not mutually exclusive but inclusive to each other.
Technology has changed the very landscape of the music industry and the sounds we prefer to listen to today. This technology that aims to enhance our lives for better–not just easier–and the holy creativity it inspires will be the aspirations of new musicians tomorrow.
It’s only fitting to resign with the words of our quintessential Rock & Roll hero, Jim Morrison, who once said, “…I can kind of envision one person surrounded by a lot of machines—tapes and electronic setups—singing or speaking and using machines.”
We look forward to seeing soon a rocker on stage slithering and singing his senses off to the bass-drop of a rocker DJ. Because, we are the beat of the culture.
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